Targets Indonesian market, Motorola Moto Presents G

Targets Indonesian market, Motorola Moto Presents G

Smartphone manufacturers who have acquired Google, Motorola, comes back with the introduction of smartphones Moto G for the Indonesian market on Thursday (06/05/2014). Motorola’s presence in Indonesia as a premium product at an affordable price.

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CVP EMEA and Asia Pacific, Motorola Mobility, said Magnus Ahlqvist, dual SIM smartphone as a premium phone with a quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon latest 400 to smooth multitasking while enjoying web, video, and games with all-day battery life.

According to him, mobile phones that have a choice of seven colors is already Kitkat operating system Android 4.4, and a 4.5-inch HD sail.

"There are special applications of Motorola, including Motorola Migrate that enables users to move photos, video, SIM contacts, call history and messages in just three steps," said Magnus, as quoted by Antara.

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Magnus added that Indonesian customers can only buy Moto G with transactions through online shopping mall at Rp1, 949 million for a capacity of 8 GB and Rp2, 249 million for a capacity of 16 GB.


Brought Home Visitors, Bracelet Monas Little Makin

Visitors of the National Monument ( Monas ) is now no longer need to wear a colorful bracelet with effect from March 3, 2014 . Bracelet which has eight kinds of colors that only lasted for one month .

According to the Head of Unit business Hariyani Monas Rini , bracelets no longer apply because of the enthusiasm of the visitors to the marker for a moment it makes a bracelet number continues to decrease .

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" Now the bracelet donations ( company ) that the public interest has been reduced a lot but the bracelet a lot , " said Rini to , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) .

Rini continued bracelet inscribed with PT nest Teknik Utama Indonesia, the company handling the project , the less because many visitors who take it home or pull forced to drop out .

The visitors , said Rini , thought the bracelet as a souvenir of the monument to the visitors . Rini said the monument only once getting donations bracelet totaling 3,000 pieces .

Now , the manager of the monument is being programmed procurement returned the bracelet to regulate visitors who lined up in the lift to the top of the monument . The program , said Rini , still in the discussion stage manager monument.

" There are programs for procurement , hopefully this year can ( apply ) , " said Rini .

Rini stated to be different bracelet designs with Indonesian PT Nest Main technique . Rini said would make the bracelet in collaboration with the Government of Jakarta .

"It will be different with the previous plans . Process the words ’ Enjoy Jakarta ’ and ’ Jakarta Provincial Government ’ course , " said Rini .

Previously reported , Monas management unit enforces the new queue system by requiring visitors wear the bracelet on the wrist while riding the elevator monument. This system came into effect from March 3, 2014 . Visitors will ride the lift in accordance with the applicable hours in the bracelet .


Poor drainage, Jalan Tasik Protocol on Flood

Some roads in Tasikmalaya protocol flooded due to heavy rain and poor drainage , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) morning . Long lines of vehicles also occur due to impassable roads with water level about 30 to 60 centimeters .

Based on the observation , downtown streets flooded happened in Jalan KH Zaenal Mustafa , Jalan Siliwangi , Pancasila Street , BKR Road , Jalan Ahmad Yani , Saptamarga Road , and Jalan SL Tobing .

Hundreds of vehicles were forced to turn around due to stuck in traffic due to flooded roads . Police officers were seen busy regulating traffic flow .

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A street vendor on the side of Jalan KH Zaenal Mustafa , Dada Ramdan ( 32 ) , said the massive flooding that inundated most parts of this road is a first time occurrence . Even a few hours this morning barely passable road two-wheeled vehicles .

"It’s somewhat subsided , when the motor was also not allowed to pass here sir . Problem is the water level up my thigh , " said Dada at the scene Monday morning .

Until now , the condition is still ongoing despite the puddles began to gradually recede . The local government has not given any official information related to this incident .


Circulate 9 Kg Ganja, ABG Seller newspaper arrested

Teenagers ( ABG ) initials HM ( 16 ) is a day -to-day selling newspapers arrested Police Drug Unit officers Bogor City , at his residence in Kampung Babakan Sirna , RT 03 / 09 , Village Tegallega , Central Bogor , Bogor , Thursday ( 23 / 5/2014 ) night .

Information obtained says , HM arrested along with Robi Anggara ( 23 ) , village mates and any evidence in the form of 9 kilograms of dried marijuana . Both teenagers were arrested at different locations in the region of Central Bogor .

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Bogor Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner City Bahtiar Ujang Purnama said the disclosure of the case begins with catching RA drugs in Ceger Bridge , North Bogor , Bogor . RA of the hand marijuana seized nine packets ready on .

" RA arrested while going to sell a few packets of marijuana . From there we developed and successfully capture the HM with 8.5 kilos of marijuana evidence , " he said in Mapolresta Bogor , Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) .

According AKBP Bahtiar two actors had no school and only receive education up to junior high school . Police still do development to catch dealers who supply marijuana to HM .

" The perpetrator admitted only entrusted the prohibited items . , But , of recognition , most marijuana had already been sold , " he said .


Explosions in Xinjiang, 31 People Killed

An explosion killed at least 31 people and injuring 94 others after some people threw petrol bombs and two cars crashed into a market in the capital of Xinjiang , Urumqi .

As reported by Xinhua news agency , one of the vehicles exploded in an attack that occurred on Thursday ( 05/23/2014 ) morning .

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The photos eyewitness distributed through Chinese social networking site , Weibo , showed the attack occurred when the market was packed with visitors .

" Witnesses said two vehicles running from north to south and then bumping into people who are in the market at 7:50 pm local time . Explosives thrown from the vehicle , " Xinhua said .

The incident was the latest violence in Xinjiang is inhabited by ethnic Uighurs .

Last month , a bomb attack occurred in Urumqi station which killed three people and injured dozens of people . China has accused Uighur separatists were behind the attack .

The Chinese government strictly controls the dissemination of information related incidents in the region , which was hit by tensions between ethnic Uighurs and Han Chinese .


Luhut Claims Mostly Golkar cadres Select Jokowi-JK

Vice- Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Golkar Party General ( Ret. ) Luhut Pandjaitan claim , two-thirds of Golkar cadres will choose mates presidential candidate and vice president , Jusuf Kalla - Joko Widodo , in presidential elections next July . According Luhut , based on the results of a survey he knows , by 42 percent would choose Jokowi Golkar cadres .

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"Yes, something like that . But , if I look at the results of the last election , nearly 42 percent of Golkar choose Jokowi . Maybe if JK entry , later bigger yes , " said Luhut in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/20/2014 ) .

However , no mention Luhut pollsters that becomes the reference . Luhut choose a different attitude to the party line . Golkar mate Prabowo carry - Hatta Rajasa . Luhut likely to provide support to Jokowi- Kalla .

Luhut said he had requested permission from the Golkar Party Chairman Bakrie over this choice . However , he said , he was still in the Golkar Party . Luhut admitted to not be afraid of Golkar excluded because a different choice .

" I’m still in Golkar , no one kicked me , except me , " he continued .

Luhut also said that his friendship with Bakrie will remain well maintained despite different political views . According Luhut , he chose to support Jokowi as Jakarta Governor considers it better than Prabowo .

Fellow military man , claiming to know exactly Luhut background Prabowo . He also claimed to have the support of senior retired general linked this decision .


Disconnect flow, towers Residents Electricity Use These public Marunda

Some residents in the towers Marunda , North Jakarta , is suspected of stealing electricity public facilities that exist in the environment . This is done because the electricity cut off in their place .

"If the theft of electricity in almost every block there . Towers for units in Block milkfish , the power supply has been disconnected PLN . Yet strangely , in block number 6 milkfish 5th floor instead be used for rental playstation , " said a source who did not wish to remain anonymous to the , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) .

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According to him , the power-down is performed in several blocks of flats . However , he suspected there had been collusion between the citizens of one of the towers with officers technicians towers.

We confirmed the incident , Chief Technical Management Unit ( UPT ) towers Maharyadi Region North Jakarta , said he has so far not aware of any theft of electricity. He said , will soon find out about it .

" Tomorrow will be my check . , But when it comes to power cuts I do not know . Was PLN authority , " said Maharyadi .


After the Vote, Chairman KPPS Kendari hospitalized

Chairman of the Organizing Voting (KPPS) in TPS 4 Punggaloba Village, District of West Kendari, Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, Abdul Hafid (40) lying limp in room C5 Lavender room Abunawas Hospital, Kendari, on Monday (02/05/2014) .

Doctor sentenced Hafid lung infection after exhaustion after doing the counting legislative elections until 03.00 pm, Thursday (10/04/2014). Not only that, the man who has served as clerk of election or KPPS since the 2004 election, even lost his voice and had to be hospitalized.

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"My son immediately after the plenary recapitulation drop in polling till dawn. Initially we care at home, but because it does not go away end was taken to the hospital, "said Tuti, Hafid mother in hospital Abunawas Kendari, on Monday (02/05/2014).

KPPS as the task becomes attached to Hafid. Every election, ranging from legislative elections, the election of governor, until the presidential election, Hafid often become chairman KPPS.

"So her experience arranging and conducting voting polling stations no doubt," he said.

Previously, said Tuti, Hafid declared healthy and fit enough to perform the task as chairman KPPS. Voting on election day, Wednesday (09/04/2014) and then, he continued, her eldest son was very excited carry out their duties. Even when voting is complete, he continues to oversee the ballot counting and recaps until midnight.

After leading the ballot recapitulation, Hafid complained of dizziness. Even lost his voice and breath felt tight.

"Never he suffered from a disease like this, but just at dawn after returning from counting at polling stations he immediately complained of shortness of breath and dizziness," he said.

Although has been referred to the hospital, but until now has not a single member of the KDP and the West Kendari Kendari KPU commissioners to visit him. For his part, added Tuti, has spent millions of dollars to fund their treatment.

"Honorarium of Rp 400,000, while till now we have to spend a million more to the cost of treatment in the hospital," he said.


Jakarta rain , Puddle Point Avoid It

Since Friday ( 02/05/2014 ) afternoon , some areas of Jakarta heavy rain . As usual , a puddle of water in some streets began blocking the road users .

As a result , the flow of traffic on some roads also faltered . In fact , the accident was unavoidable . A car crashed into a medium or type jeep roadblock on highway 138 Kilometers Cileunyi direction . Is still handling officer .

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While the Meteorology , Climatology and Geophysics ( BMKG ) estimates , light rain will be flushed Jakarta and surrounding areas . Rain is expected to take place from afternoon until evening . Temperature levels estimated 24 to 34 degrees Celsius .

Here’s the point of puddles on the streets of the capital as reported by the Traffic Management Center ( TMC ) Metro Jaya Police :

- Puddle of 10-20 centimeters in front of the Plaza Jalan Rasuna Said Kuningan , limited visibility traffic was stalled .
- Puddle of 10-20 centimeters in front of the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) Jalan Rasuna Said , stalled traffic .
- Puddle of 20-30 centimeters behind the WTC Sudirman , Jalan Raya Command Rubber rear .
- Puddle of 10-20 centimeters in the direction of Cawang Toll Slipi , congested traffic in front of the Hotel Ibis .
- Puddle of 10-15 centimeters in Jalan Sudirman .
- Sudirman Blok M and the opposite direction torrential rain .
- The weather in Tangerang City Road Hasim Asyari heavy rain .
- Puddle of 10-15 centimeters in front of the slow lane Atma Jaya campus . ( Mut )


Tifatul Sembiring : Prabowo Best Candidates

Shura Council member of the Prosperous Justice Party Tifatul Sembiring claimed Gerindra presidential candidate Prabowo is the best figure . This figure is more attractive than the presidential candidate of the other party , namely the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle Joko Widodo and Golkar Party Bakrie .

" Ideal , the smallest mudoratnya , " said Tifatul at Bidakara , Wednesday, April 30, 2014 .

He stated , MCC currently choose to serious in a coalition with Gerindra assessment as the most obvious . The party has been clearly and formally apply to the MCC coalition .

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According to Tifatul , talks with Gerindra also not final . They still open up opportunities in the possibility of a coalition with other parties . However , according to him , there are only three possible coalition shaft , Gerindra , Golkar and PDI-P . Coalition outside the shaft is considered to be difficult to form.

" We would want to say a big coalition , " said Tifatul .

He also claimed not to offer or ask for a position in a coalition with Gerindra . However, if you want to figure Gerindra vice presidential candidate , MCC will ask one of the three participants , namely the People’s Electoral Hidayat Nur Wahid , Ahmad Heryawan , and Anis Matta .

" The highest elektabilitasnya , " said Tifatul .