KPK Asked to Improve Status Case IPC II

Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) urged to improve the status of project procurement in the case of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II to the investigation . Legal observers Industry , Herman Sihombing , said allegations of corruption in the project seen among others in the project procurement Quay Container Crane .

" One of the QCC , from the procurement side , the budget alone is not according to the rules , appointment, and the specification of the lead single into twin lead , but the price is contrived twin lead , " he said , Wednesday ( 16/4 ) .

According to Herman , Director examination of Pelindo II , Richard Joost Lino , the KPK also further strengthen the corruption that is going on there . Previously , KPK spokesman Johan Budi , said the case of PT IPC II will be raised to the investigation if found two items of evidence of corruption has occurred .

" It could be increased to two investigations if found sufficient evidence , " said Johan Budi during a press conference at the Commission today.

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This case began when the United Workers II IPC IPC management report to the Commission . Unions reported include procurement of two units of Quay Container Crane ( QCC ) to the Port of Tanjung Priok is transferred to the Port of Palembang and Pontianak .


Analyst: Windows XP Still ATM Safe Used

REDMOND - Operating system Windows XP dead leaves of various concerns due to system vulnerabilities from viruses and malware . The most terrible is the ATM machine operating system Windows XP . But should we be worried ?

As is known , in early 2014 BussinesWeek reports said as many as 95 percent of ATM machines around the world still run Windows XP . Today, some reports said some banks had to upgrade to his ATM machine . From Windows XP to a newer OS .

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Windows XP no longer receive security protection from Microsoft feared could be exploited by cyber criminals on the ATM machine . The bank’s customers can also feared stolen account numbers and pin numbers then drained his savings . But actually like what facts ?

An expert from the UK banking for Wincor Nixdorf working , Ian Byrne , said ATMs with Windows XP operating system will remain secure even if the operating system itself has expired since the last 8 April 2014 .

" Working with Microsoft , the company embed the Windows XP operating system that is specific to the ATM machine , " said Byrne . " We have a series of security system to lock full access . Anyone during this case happens to hacking ATMs with Windows XP operating system ? " Byrne further doubt , as quoted by the Guardian , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Byrne said that the ATM horrors Windows XP operating system was grossly overstated . ” Look at the context. At regular computer , use the email service , Office , and web browsing . , But Windows XP does not have ATM outgoing connections are like in general , and it is perfectly adequate as a secure key . The company did not connect to the internet bank open , they use their own network , ” he said .

Therefore , further Byrne , upgrade to Windows 7 or even Windows 8 is somewhat less efficient to do banking business . ” We have not seen any benefit from this migration ( migration to Windows XP ) , ” added Byrne .


The U.S. dollar due Believe Retail Data

TOKYO - U.S. dollar ( U.S. ) managed to strengthen against most major currencies , before the manufacturing index is expected to show an increase for the second month .

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The U.S. dollar rose to its highest level against the euro three- weekly , after data showed U.S. retail sales in March rose the most since September 2012 . Economists predict the ZEW survey of German investor confidence today may be slid to its lowest level since August .

On the other hand , Governor of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen will give the opening speech at a financial conference today . The Australian dollar fell from a five -month highs , prior to this month’s meeting of the Reserve Bank .

"The U.S. dollar bought as retail sales stronger than expected . If corporate data continues to print the rise , the U.S. dollar could take back all the losses last week , " said chief economist at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. , Etsuko Yamashita , as quoted by Bloomberg , on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

The U.S. currency was little changed to $ 1, 3817 per euro in Tokyo , the most since March 19 . Against the Japanese yen was unchanged at 101.89 per Japanese yen , after earlier rising 0.2 percent in New York . While the euro edged higher 140.78 per Japanese yen , from 140.76 yen .

The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index , which tracks the U.S. dollar against 10 major currencies , was little changed at 1008.41 , after rising 0.2 percent yesterday . However , the U.S. dollar has slipped 1 percent last week .

The Commerce Department reported U.S. retail sales rose 1.1 percent last month , following a 0.7 percent increase in February was revised up . Sales do not include receipts at gas stations are the strongest in four years .


Tengku Adnan: Use Case MH370 Opposition to Government Defamation

People should not be deluded by the propaganda spread by the opposition who malign the government for the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Tengku Adnan said as quoted by Bernama.

MPs Putrajaya, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor who is also a Minister of Federal Territory, says the opposition has made ​​a lot of negative comments that slander the government over the issue MH370, including some that are not based on speculation.

"Their action will create chaos in the country and at the same time will destroy the good name of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak," he said while speaking at the official opening of the Al-Falah mosque in Precinct 9, Malaysia, Friday (11/4) night.

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According to Adnan, who had made ​​slanderous opposition is common practice to destroy the government. On that occasion, he also said that the slander made ​​by the opposition was against the teachings of Islam and everyone should be able to judge it.


A Mother Tells Her son Sink Head

A prosecutor has been sentenced to prison for 18 years to a man England . He is accused of killing his girlfriend ‘s daughter by ordering her to drown her head disturbing the pair in the Skype conversation .

Female partner who is also the mother of the victim , Yasmin Chaudhry was also given the same charges because her daughter had drowned in a bucket of water in October 2010 .

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Attorney , Cecilie Schloesser Moeller stated that this woman followed the instructions girlfriend , Ammaz Omer Qureshi ( 35 ) to drown his son who harass their video conversations in Skype .

Schloesser Moeller stated Qureshi instructed to discipline the child by having the child dip into a bucket of water . Qureshi assume the child was very disturbing their conversation on Skype .

Prosecutors ask for 16 -year sentence to Chaudry , 2 years shorter than his girlfriend , Qureshi .

The 28 -year -old woman pleaded not guilty to the murder. He only claimed to have attacked his daughter . The lover also has denied involvement in the assassination attempt

According to investigators , after the toddler ‘s disturbing conversation partner . His mother drowned her head into the water two times until the child loses consciousness .

Chaudry then contacted the emergency services - she claimed that her son had been in an accident . The child died in hospital the next day .

Both of these couples have often been accused of torturing children. They are alleged to have forced the child to swallow chili powder , slapped her face , and also forced her to sleep on the cold floor .

Chaudry allegedly also often given orders by her boyfriend to abuse her son , who witnessed directly through the internet by Qureshi .


Keep an eye on Iran, Israel’s Return Launches Spy Satellite

Israel, Wednesday (04/09/2014), re-launched a military spy satellites. Similar satellite launch, before the last time Israel four years ago.

Israeli officials had earlier said the satellite program is aimed at improving the ability of intelligence to anticipate the Iranian nuclear program and Iranian support for militant groups Arab countries.

Ofek satellite 10, the name in Hebrew means “horizon”, sliding from test site Israeli air force, the Israeli Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Israeli media said the satellite was launched from Palmachim, near the base on the Mediterranean coast south of Tel Aviv.

Just as Western countries, Israel believes Iran’s uranium enrichment activity is to manufacture nuclear weapons, a charge denied by Iran continued.

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Meanwhile, in reality Israel is the only country in the Middle East that actually has nuclear weapons capability.


BlackBerry Reveals Seriousness Fuel Services Working on Computer

Messaging service BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM ) which usually can be enjoyed only through a mobile phone or Android , is now a Canadian company that is seriously considering making Internet-based messaging applications .

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Yes , especially if it is not the fuel can be enjoyed through a personal computer or a desktop . ” We are working seriously working on this ( fuel for the personal computer / desktop ) , ” said CEO of BlackBerry , John Chen , Friday ( 28/03/2014 ) , as quoted by Reuters .

As is known , John Chen began thinking about this long ago , coupled with the purchase of Facebook messaging application WhatsApp worth USD16 billion recently , obviously adds to the intense competition .

As fuel competitors had already expanded to a desktop computer , such as LINE , iMessage , Skype , and a variety of other messaging applications . While the new BBM plan to switch to a desktop computer .

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As reported by Ubergizmo , the motion in the world Facebook messaging application is way behind by its competitors . When other chat applications already available cross- platform for a long time , new fuel did late last year . And now , when another message is already present applications for desktop computers , new fuel plan .

source:http://www. okezone .com/

Dipulangkan Filipina Forest Turtles diserahkan kepada Yayasan Katala

Mereka berangkat dari Filipina ke Hong Kong diisi dalam tas penyelundup dengan lebih dari 60 reptil lainnya , tetapi pada hari Jumat , 18 Filipina Forest Turtles dikembalikan ke rumah dengan selamat dan baik-baik dalam mengurus Katala Foundation.

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Kura-kura terancam punah , hanya ditemukan di Palawan , adalah bagian dari konsinyasi ditemukan oleh pihak berwenang Hong Kong pada bulan Februari . Menjarah penyelundup juga termasuk 16 Asia Tenggara Box Turtles , 24 kadal , 16 ular , seekor ular meluncur , dua Mangrove Ular dan Viper Mock umum .

Dua dari aslinya 20 Filipina Forest Turtles dan sepasang Asia Tenggara Box Turtles meninggal sebelum mereka mencapai pusat penyelamatan di Hong Kong dan lain Asia Tenggara Box Penyu meninggal di pusat penyelamatan .

Penyelundup itu dihukum di bawah Perlindungan Endangered Species Hewan dan Tanaman Ordonansi dan Pencegahan Kekejaman terhadap Hewan Ordonansi dan didenda HK $ 8000 ( USD1 , 031 ) .

Jika kura-kura telah mencapai pasar hewan peliharaan di Amerika Serikat, Eropa , Jepang atau China , mereka akan diambil lebih dari denda yang dikenakan .

Filipina Forest Penyu Siebenrockiella leytensis dan amboinensis Asia Tenggara Box Turtles Cuora diserahkan kepada Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden di Hong Kong untuk hak asuh sementara .

Kadoorie , bersama-sama dengan Hong Kong dan Filipina CITES ( Konvensi Perdagangan Internasional Spesies Terancam Punah Fauna dan Flora Liar ) Pihak berwenang memutuskan untuk memulangkan kura-kura ke Filipina .

The Asia Tenggara Box Turtles , dimana tempat pengumpulan tidak diketahui , yang diserahkan kepada Rescue Center of DENR - PAWB Pemerintah . Filipina Forest Turtles diserahkan ke Yayasan Kalata Didirikan pada Palawan , yang mempelopori upaya penelitian dan konservasi untuk spesies ini in-situ dan memegang satu-satunya koloni jaminan ex-situ dari Filipina Forest Penyu .

Kura-kura ini adalah spesies unggulan dari Freshwater Turtle Conservation Program Filipina ( PFTCP ) dari Palawan berbasis LSM Yayasan Katala Dimasukkan ( KFI ) bekerjasama dengan Kawasan Lindung dan Margasatwa Biro ( PAWB ) dari Departemen Lingkungan Hidup dan Sumber Daya Alam Filipina . KFI bekerja dengan Filipina CITES Otoritas dan Dewan Palawan untuk Pembangunan Berkelanjutan ( PCSD ) untuk melestarikan spesies .

Rebus sebagian besar untuk perdagangan hewan peliharaan eksotis , kura-kura ini juga terancam oleh permintaan daging eksotis dan obat-obatan .

 ” Repatriasi kura-kura ini sangat berarti . Tidak hanya meningkatkan kesadaran masyarakat tentang status spesies dan pengumpulan ilegal dan perdagangan , juga merupakan contoh sterling meningkatkan penegakan hukum . Mudah-mudahan , pengetahuan bahwa mereka memiliki spesies khusus seperti , akan menanamkan kebanggaan di kalangan masyarakat Palawan , ” kata Dr Sabine Schoppe , Direktur KFI itu dari Freshwater Program Konservasi Penyu Filipina .

" Mereka hanya kurang dari satu hari dengan kami sekarang dan sejauh ini mereka lakukan dan makan dengan baik . "

Kura-kura akan menjalani karantina dan pemeriksaan kesehatan dan dilepaskan ke alam liar setelah mereka diberi surat keterangan sehat . The Katala Foundation juga melobi untuk perlindungan habitat hutan yang tersisa penyu di Palawan .

Kembalinya kura-kura merupakan momen sejarah bagi Filipina karena itu pemulangan pertama kalinya satwa liar kembali ke negara itu .

" Ini adalah hari besar bagi kura-kura ini dan yang membanggakan bagi lintas batas kerjasama dalam memerangi kejahatan terhadap satwa liar , " kata Chris R. Shepherd , Deputi Direktur Regional TRAFFIC Asia Tenggara .

"Ini adalah contoh yang sangat baik bagaimana pemerintah dan LSM harus bekerja sama untuk memerangi perdagangan ilegal dan mengembalikan hewan disita kembali ke tempat mereka berada. "

Penelitian TRAFFIC sendiri telah mencatat lonjakan permintaan untuk kura-kura air tawar dan kura-kura di Asia Tenggara . Survei Its pasar hewan peliharaan di Jakarta pada tahun 2008 ditemukan 48 spesies kura-kura air tawar dan kura-kura untuk dijual , sebagian besar secara ilegal diperoleh . (see also: obat burung)

Tahun lalu , pertemuan para ahli global, termasuk mereka yang berasal dari TRAFFIC , melaporkan bahwa perdagangan ilegal dan tidak berkelanjutan adalah ancaman terbesar bagi kelangsungan hidup kelompok ini sangat terancam spesies dan menemukan bahwa undang-undang dan konvensi di tempat untuk melindungi hewan-hewan ini yang hanya tidak ditegakkan .

source:http://www. traffic .org/

Malaysia’s Counter-Terrorist Unit Terrorist and Hold FBI

Malaysian authorities is still not yet confirmed that terrorist attacks were behind the loss of their aircraft belonging to the national carrier . But investigators from Malaysia still continue to check the identity of the four passengers in the Malaysian Airlines plane was missing . (see also: pakan burung)

According to Hussein , Malaysia’s Minister of Defense , he has activated the unit contacting counter- terrorism and international intelligence agencies , including the FBI .

" The four passenger name was already my grasp , and I also have spread among international agencies and ask for help from international intelligence agencies , " Hussein told the Press in Malaysia , recently .

Referring to manifest Malaysian airlines, note there are two European passengers the Austrian citizen named Christian Kozel and Italians named Luigi Maraldi . But Foreign Ministry spokesman in Vienna said , that the man was in his house . From the embassy status is unknown if the passport was stolen two years ago when she traveled to Thailand .

Meanwhile, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy in Rome said none of its citizens in the Malaysian Airlines plane . According to the family , a passport in the name of Luigi Maraldi also reported stolen in Thailand in 2013 ago .

For the confirmation of Malaysia ‘s Transport Minister , Hishamuddin said it had received the confirmation and now that he is checking the identity of the two other passengers were suspected .

He said the investigation will look at all the possibilities that exist and the entire passenger manifest which has been published by Malaysian Airline . ” We ‘re looking at the possibility of flight reversed , in this case , different locations will also be identified , ” he said .

Chinese newspapers , Xiamen Daily reported that one of the passengers in the aircraft should be based on Malaysian Airline flight manifest records , known to be at home in China . The name on the passport and passport numbers differ based on the newspaper .

So far there has been no confirmation and the signs of the presence of aircraft and aircraft wreckage were found . search operation continued through the night an official said .

(see also: pakan burung kacamata)

" To anticipate the worst , a disaster recovery management specialist from Atlanta , United States , Malaysia Airlines will assist in this very important time , " the airline said in a statement .

Source:http://www. republika